The Growth of AI and the U.S. Food System

Emerging technologies are transforming how we produce, distribute, and consume what we eat by bringing food to people instead of bringing people to food.


Our nation needs to accelerate artificial intelligence for farm tech

In anticipation of the Refresh: Food + Tech launch on December 5, we’re excited to share this piece from former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Danielle Nierenberg, Refresh Working Group member and president of Food Tank.


How Algorithms Can Drive Equity in Food Distribution

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we want to rethink how we make our decisions around food. Learn about how algorithms are helping to redistribute food in more equitable and efficient ways.


From the Marine Corps to the Farm

Marine Corps veteran Craig Ganssle at FARMWAVE is helping farmers use machine learning tools to save their time, crops, and livestock.


Welcome to Refresh

Today, artificial intelligence is transforming the way we produce, distribute, and consume food.