Creating Community-Run Food Systems

In 2016, Isa Mujahid founded CTCORE to address the historical and contemporary root causes of racial discrimination in a new way. Inspired by the momentum around Black-led movements that were building in Ferguson and beyond in response to the tragic killing of Michael Brown in 2014, Isa recognized the need for a statewide organization in […]


Closing the Digital Skills Gap in Rural America

The rural U.S. economy is changing as traditional employment sectors, like agriculture, adopt digital infrastructures. This transition to digital agriculture has highlighted a growing need to bridge the digital skills gap and prepare rural workers for new roles in the workforce that are classified as “middle skill.” Equipping workers for middle skill jobs will allow […]


Trade War Challenges in the U.S. Food System

The negative impacts of our trade war with China reverberate throughout the U.S. food and agricultural industries, causing significant changes to our food system and how we interact with it.  Where American farmers once relied on robust trade agreements with countries like China, they now find themselves faced with the daunting task of identifying and […]


Broadband Critical for AgTech Development

This is a guest post from Refresh Working Group member Amy Wu, founder and chief content creator of From Farms to Incubators, a multimedia initiative that spotlights women in food, farming, and agtech. She is also a member of the Refresh Working Group Broadband Committee. City of Salinas, “Salad Bowl of the World,” moves to […]