About Us

This is a new project that seeks to examine the intersection of technological innovation and the U.S. food system through research, storytelling, and collective action.

Our aim is to build a strong coalition of people working to “refresh” our nation’s food system in order to inform and influence public debates and policies that will help to ensure technology, agriculture, and innovations across the food supply chain are developed and adopted for the common good.

The Refresh report is just the start of this conversation. It is the product of nine months of research, interviews, listening sessions, and informal discussions with a wide range of people and organizations working in this space. Presenting a different framework for talking about these issues, the report offers a common starting point for thinking about and discussing the impact of emerging technologies on the way we produce, distribute, and consume food.

The Refresh Working Group brings together farmers, small business owners, researchers, corporate partners, nonprofit leaders, educators, community organizers, and innovators working across the food system to explore—and hopefully finding consensus around—intersecting policy issues at the nexus of food and technology. The project is initially funded by Google and led by Swell Creative Group.

We invite you to journey with us as we explore the future of food. Contact hello@refreshfoodandtech.com to join the Refresh Working Group and to learn more.